Pete DuMelle

Hi , I am Pete DuMelle the founder of  Growing Ayurveda.

I have been an IT /Business consultant for over 10 year. I have been working with small business. I help them with their technology computers, business, websites and internet marketing.  I have always been interested in alternative health and metaphysical topics.  During my career in IT  people just came to me because I just knew stuff I do not know where it came  from  I just told them I read that on line.

About 5 Years ago my life changed. All of  as sudden I was getting to do websites for  a spirit life coach, Reiki Master,  TCM , Metaphysical stores  and chiropractors that use alternative  methods.  As I was reading there content for their sites and helping them grow their business I was hooked.  I stared down the path. I learned Reiki and energy Healing.  Then I took an Angle Intuitive class then I realized I have been channeling that knowledge that is where it came from. Then during my healing session I started to let people know what was coming in and it was right on. From there I felt I needed more the just energy work I needed to work with food and the body that is when I came to Ayurveda and that has been amazing. Now using the combination of energy and Ayurveda is so power full to balance people out.


Pete DuMelle offers a natural way to cleanse and balance the body incorporating your body, mind and spirit. When your body, mind and spirit are balanced so is the rest of your life. We use ancient health and healing techniques that have been handed down ranging from Chinese Medicine, India Ayurveda Medicine, Native American Healing and a mix of some new age tools using crystals, sound and light therapies.
I offer intuitive readings so you can gain insights on what is blocking your path. Then we can cleanse your physical body and energy body to bring back balance and flow.
Take some time for a relaxing Ayurved bodyworks treatments to clear your nose and sinuses , move your lymphatic’s, nourish your body  and quite your mind.

All of our work is to naturaly promote health. We use an holistic approach working with the body mind and spirit. We can work with you and your traditional medicine provider. All of our works aids in the healing process using alternative and natural methods We are not doctors and can not diagnose. If you have bleeding that will not stop ,loss of consensus, heart attack or any other life treating issues call 911 first. Once diagnoses and stable then we can help in your healing process


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