Love - Laws of vibrational Energy

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What is LOVE

I found out about LOVE from Cory Herter where he combines the tree of life with the tree of knowledge to make the tree of love. I connected with this and also believe we are all energy and every thing around us is made up of energy. All life is energy you, your cells , your computer, your spirit everything around you is vibrating. We are intuited with this vibrations that creates our reality. Changing vibrations can alter your reality. To learn more about our Energy Reality Theory and changing your reality, can be found in a free ebook Energy Reality Theory.

I have research and learn from Cory's work, Reiki , Angel healing, Energy work, metaphysics, Sacred Geomagnetic, reality research and they are talk about energy. The common theme vibrational energy and they all talk about Love . Loving your self, love your spirit , love the plant, love neighbor.

So we can used LOVE to unlock our potential.