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Adding new knowing to expand our reality

Last night I watched Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking the talked about aliens, time and space travel. vary interesting but frustrating. Him and his colleagues do a vary good explanation how things work and can potentially work. All of this is based off of what they know and how this reality works. They come up with laws like can't go faster then the speed of light due to time slows down, time slows when you are around a massive object, you need water to create life, micro worm holes existed but to small to use. I feel ,know and just can not explain it but there is much more then we can imagine. all of these laws can be broken.

If the universe has infinite potential then we would not come up with the laws because any thing would be possible. So what we are dealing with is the universe has everything. Our reality is made up of a sub set or a handful of the potential. That is where our limits come in this seem to be limitless because there is a lot of stuff there that we still do not understand. So it is hard for use to imagine because people tend to keep it inside our reality.

So if the universe is limitless and we have a subset of this and this creates our reality. by adding or subtracting on piece of knowing that redefines what we have to work with and redefines our laws and reality.

So we need to keep expanding and opening to the universe to add new knowings so we can be truly limitless and have no rules

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