Free Distance Healing

Do you or some one you know needs some healing. Pete DuMelle  Love Energy Worker will send some healing love  for free  just fill out the from below. We will send you an email once the healing is sent. We can also send  and email  to the person to let them know that healing energy was sent.
What People are saying

Dear Pete,
Thank you so very much for taking the time to send me healing energy...I want to know how much grateful i am for receiving it... also i have thought a lot about what you mentioned about taking this time to meditate and try to seek the answers to what i'm 'shutting out'  when i read that, it really rang true in my heart even though i am not aware of exactly what it is... so i thank you very much for that insight and advice.
sending so many blessings your way, shari

To : Great Compassionate Pete
          Once again i am compel to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart - i am really grateful for the healing energy you be constantly sending me - Thanks Pete - you make my day .
                     Sincere Thanks & gratitude ;    Ed .

Thanks Peter....i will remember this...

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